SEO Series (Part 1): What is SEO and It’s Types

SEO is a term which every blogger/webmaster should know.Keeping in mind this scenario we have started a series on SEO in which we will cover basic to advanced concepts of SEO. In this first article of the series, we will give you a very basic overview of What is SEO and What are its different types, then from next article; we will start to go a little bit deep into SEO.seo for blog optimization

SEO is a technique used to rank a website/blog higher in search engine result.A search engine consists of million of web pages, but there is criteria to select a relevant and appropriate website for a particular keyword.

To demonstrate this, take an example. Let say you want to find Programming Tutorials for the learning purpose, to do this you will go to Google and will type “Programming Tutorial” in the search bar. Now Google has thousand of websites which contain programming tutorials, but you will see that only ten sites will appear on the first page of Google. It is because Google found that from these thousand of websites only ten sites are SEO optimized so that Google will send those ten websites on the first page of the Google, So from this example, we find that the criteria to rank a site higher in search engine is SEO.

As mentioned above, the criteria for a website to rank higher in search results is SEO. The SEO is itself is divided into two major types and Google look both of these two types of SEO to rank a website.

These Two Types are:

– On Page SEO
– Off Page SEO

OnPage SEO:

OnPage SEO means the SEO within the website. Onpage SEO is concerned with the website organization, structure, quality.For a better On page SEO the structure, look of a website should be simple, Content (Articles, Photos, Videos, etc.of) should be unique, Remember content is the King.There are different rules for better Onpage SEO like for article blogs minimum amount of word should be 400-500.Only one h1 tag should be used on a single page which should be for post title etc.There are many other rules, but as this post only cover basic overview about SEO, so we will not go into detail about it.

OffPage SEO :

OffPage SEO means SEO outside the website.In Off page SEO, we improve the website ranking by doing SEO outside the website.The most important term in Off Page SEO is Backlink. A backlink is an incoming link to your website from an other high-quality website. Even if you have very Good On page Seo, Backlinks plays a significant role in search engine ranking.Some of the methods to create backlinks for a website are Link Building, Social Media Sharing, Social Bookmarking, etc. Again, we will not go into deep for now.Detail will be covered in the Detail Article of Off Page SEO.

OffPage or OnPage SEO ? :

Google love both Off page and On Page SEO to rank a website higher in the search engine. A website with a better On Page SEO but without Off page SEO will reduce the chance of it to rank better.To demonstrate this, again take an example.[AdSense-B]

Let’s Say when we search on Google ” Programming Tutorial,”Google found that, there are two websites A and B which both have better On Page SEO, Now the question is how Google will decide to rank which website higher than other since both are excellent in On-Page SEO. The answer is Off Page SEO; Google will find that website A has done some Off Page SEO whereas website B didn’t do any Off Page SEO so Google will place website A high on search ranking because of it’s Off Page SEO.

So this was a very basic overview of what SEO and its types, now in next article we will go in the deep of Onpage SEO.

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