Avoid the Hectic rush – Shop Online on Eid Festival 2016

Ramadan is going to end soon, which implies Eid is simply just a few breaths away from us. Muslims around the globe fast and do good deeds during this months to acquire virtues and become better for their sake and in the eyes of God. This obviously demonstrates the important significance of Ramadan. Since the end of this holy month is on a joyous occasion called Eid, people go out to prepare for this event by buying different essentials, utilities, food and apparel.hectic rush during eid festival 2016

Muslims pay visit to their family and friend all through Eid and give gifts and Eidi. The customary tradition of Eidi holds incredible value. It is generally offered as cash, however it is likewise offered as sweets, desserts, cakes and mithai. The 1 Kg Sweetsor Chocolate Cake has become a popular choice as of late, and similar is the case with other sweet items like mithai and chocolates.

Many of us forget or don’t have the time to pick out gifts for our friends and families. It is important to show love and affection to people that care for you, but when you get robbed off to give gifts at such an ideal opportunity for your friends and family due to busy work life or unforeseeable events, it could jeopardize the value of love and Eid.

Seeking to rejuvenate this Eid, Cheezmall has turned to become the pioneer in guaranteeing the deliverance of love and presents through sweets and Eidi. Cheezmall has brought new sweets, desserts and mithai, as well as Eidi gifts. Since Karachi has the largest market and a great demand from busy people that care a lot for their loved ones, Cheezmall is delivering special Eid gifts. In addition, Cheezmall brings the “Free EID Gift”, which is Coffee Mug with Eid Theme. This will be delivered to customers that make a purchase.

Henceforth, on the off chance that this Eid you are occupied, or not able to send your love; you can now always use Cheezmall to deliver your love and show your loved ones that you care about them. Make the best of your circumstances and let Cheezmall as they not only promise to deliver the best items, but guarantee to bring the best shopping experience and service in Online Shopping to their customers.


  1. Delivery would be made in Karachi only.
  2. Pre-Booking has been started and would last till 5th of July.
  3. Payment would be in advance either through Debit, Credit cards or Jazz Cash Retailers.
  4. Delivery would be on EID first and Second Day only as per Customer’s Convenience and Requirement.
  5. Free Mug would be delivered along with each Purchase regardless of any minimum purchase for first 200 orders only.
  6. Not Only this, customers can also avail Rs. 3,000 EIDI as shopping voucher at Cheezmall

Details of the products for EID Greeting can be seen by Clicking Here.


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