How to Earn $26,100 with Traffic Monsoon Earning Strategies

Here are some tips to tell you some amazing strategies by the help of which you can eventually earn $26,100 in 50 days.

Introduction to Traffic monsoon:-

Traffic monsoon is first of all a traffic bringing website to the blog but the strategies I’m going to share with you people will also help you earn $10000+ per month but for that we have to keep patience. This website is not for those who instantly want to earn money.  The thing which makes it most unique among other traffic promoting websites is that firstly, it’ll ask you to pay $50 and then you’ll be entering your blogger site or website and get over thousands of visitors on your site.

Detailed explanation about promoting your site through Image result for images regarding traffic monsoonthis website will be on my next blog. So, the $50 purchase is known as ad pack. An ad pack lasts for fifty days giving you $5 profit (along with $50 dollars) as a compliment by the traffic monsoon company for using their site. This ad pack won’t last before giving you a $5 profit so don’t think that you’ll just go around wasting fifty days of yours. For earning those 5 dollars, you’ll have to click ads. 10 ads per day, it’ll take like 15 minutes a day. This definitely isn’t a bad deal!

How to start?

Make sure you have some money for investment with you as the more money you invest, the faster you earn.

So, first of all, visit

Give all your details there and sign up. For transactions you would need a PayPal, Payza or Solid Trust Pay account; I personally prefer PayPal as it is used all across the world and is the most trusted website for transaction. In Pakistan, PayPal is not introduced yet but you can use it. I am going to tell you how, just stay tuned and look up to my next blog!

How to earn?

So, after the sign up process, you have to make sure you deposit some cash into your account .Around a $1000.Can’t afford it? start with atlease $400 and buy adpacks. It will take some time to settle you up for 20 adpacks but it will work. Investment is important for better income, if some site says start your business without investment, it’ll waste your time and fool you.

So,When you start with 20 ad packs, your strategy should be like this:

After every 2.5 days, you’ll get a 50$ in your traffic monsoon account. So every 2.5 days you’ll have to buy another ad pack…. Your transformation in around a year will be amazing!!!

Image result for images regarding traffic monsoon

20 ad packs-$1000

After 50 days————————————————————53 adpacks-2650 dollars; double of what we had 50 days ago!!

100 days———————————————- 52 ad packs- $2600. Don’t worry, it’ll rise up.

150 days——————————————- 61 ad packs-$3050.

200 days——————————————— 72 ad packs-$3600

250 days———————————————- 86 ad packs- $4300

300 days——————————————— 102 ad packs-$5100

After you are eligible enough to buy a 100 ad packs, you can save those $100(2 ad packs’ money) and withdraw it.

Start with buying a 100 ad packs. Let’s get started again.

100 ad packs= $5000

Note:-We will be following the same strategy.[AdSense-B]

50 days————————————– 268 ad packs- $13400 more than double of what we had.

100 days————————————— 264 ad packs- $13200 don’t worry, your wage WILL rise.

150 days——————————————– 309 ad packs- $15450

200 days——————————————– 367 ad packs- $18350                                                                   

250 days———————————————– 434 ad packs- $21850

300 days————————————————- 520 ad packs- 26000$

This article ends with this, hope i helped you in some way.

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