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The American University of Wilkes, Pennsylvania, has recently published an interesting study for which several specialists and sex therapists have analyzed and endorsed the physical benefits of having sex at least twice a week. According to the findings, having sex on a regular basis, helps our body release an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA , responsible for protecting us physically against infections or possible diseases.

benefits of having sex

Based on these findings , those responsible for the study, have concluded that, sexual relations , Can become a great ally when we speak of some of the most common diseases of modern societies today.

Migraines, depressions, cholesterol, incontinence, insomnia or joint pain are some of the most salient benefits that sex can provide, but not the only ones. Below we tell you about 22 different diseases that we could contribute to avoid if we enjoyed sex on a regular basis:

1. Contributes to end the headaches thanks to the release of oxytocin and endorphin level rise. They act as natural painkiller and body and mind relax.

2. It helps us stay in shape and take care of our heart . It tones our muscles and maintains our line we can get to burn more than 200 kcal. in half an hour!

3. Sex protects against prostate cancer . Frequent ejaculations – at least five times a week – reduce the risk of prostate cancer

4. Prevents aging . It makes us stay young and improves our appearance, self-esteem and safety.

5. Natural antidepressant . Orgasm is a powerful physical and emotional relaxant. It helps to create sleep patterns and relaxes nervous tension by secreting serotonin in the brain that improves our mood.

6. It protects us from incontinence by strengthening the pelvic region and avoiding the risk of loss associated with age.

7. Heal our mind . It fills us with energy, tenderness and life. Feed our desires, we increase our empathy.

8. It helps to end insomnia . It facilitates the creation of sleep patterns in men, with later sleepiness. In women, elimination of toxins has a relaxing effect.

9. Increase our happiness . Most sexually active people have a better mood and immune system and tend less to depression.

10. It protects us from skin diseases and takes care of our bones and muscles. Testosterone, which is directly responsible for this protection, decreases with age. Practicing sex releases her.

11. Powerful ally against breast cancer . The stimulation of the breast in the woman contributes to release oxytocin, key for its protection against this type of cancer.

12. Take care of our heart . It increases the production of estrogen in women, very important in heart ailments. In men, an active sex life reduces the risk by 50%.

13. It improves our self-esteem . Our body emits lots of pheromones during sex that make us more desirable. We feel attractive and therefore more confident of ourselves.

14. Protect against flu and asthma . We increase the production of antibodies (immunoglobulin A) that protect us from viral infections. It also acts as a natural antihistamine

15. It improves our self-control . It softens and reduces our stress while promoting self-confidence in the couple .

16. Prolongs our active life . It makes us feel younger but also slows down aging thanks to the release of hormones like DHEA and estrogens.

17. Relieves muscle and joint pain . Vaginal stimulation increases pain tolerance while acting as an analgesic by relieving menstrual cramps, back pain, arthritis, etc.

18. Take care of our teeth . Clean saliva helps keep dental plaque at bay while decreasing acid levels.

19. Protects women from possible mental illnesses by regulating hormones.

20. It strengthens the pelvis and improves our sexuality . Highly recommended for pregnancy and childbirth but also because the more exercised our pelvis, the more pleasure we will get during sex.

21. Good ally against the creation of blood thrombi . During intercourse, our heart is accelerated by improving blood oxygen levels and blood flow rate.

22. It contributes to happiness in general . It strengthens our relationship, improves our intimacy. Several studies have concluded that people who practice sex more often correspond to those who feel happier

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, so for you to get into the mood and get ready for tonight, we recommend that you do not miss the transgressive erotic creations of the artist Loui Jover. A great way to start fantasizing and, of course, take care of ourselves.

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