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Funny Poetry Mushaera for Students in a Collage

Very Interesting & Amazing Funny & Comedy Urdu Poetry Mushaera by Waseem Baloor for Students at Punjab Girls Collage in 2014 in Lahore. Fun beautify the life and make it possible to smile many sad hearts of people, As our lives are so busy in our jobs and duties, So we should appreciate the people, Who have fun for our life. Cheers! …

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Pakistan VS Netherlands World Cup Hockey Match

Very Interesting Pakistan VS Netherlands Final World Cup Hockey Match Short Shoots, Where Pakistan Won at the End of the Match. Look, Its an Amazing Hockey Match, As it was not the most of the maches, It was full of suspense, What will happen at the end of the match, Because both teams were tough. I think, Hockey is best play …

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Who Can Kill them, God Protect Those – Child Labor Video

A Child was Polishing passenger’s shoes, Where suddenly A Car came across upon him, But Its God mercy that after passing the card, Child was safe & sound. I always say, “No one can give me a piece of suffer, If God don’t want it for me” On the other side, “No one can give me a piece of joy, If God …

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How to Create a Real Glass in 3D Drawing Art

You can see, How to Create a Real Glass in 3D Drawing Art, As its not so difficult, As you think, Just you’ve to make practice to do 3D different types of shapes or pictures. Many people have different categories of different skills, But its very appealing to me to create something unique from your own mind, Which is difficult …

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How Hen Child Feed Small Fishes in the Water

Learn, How a Hen Baby is Feeding small fishes in the water, While his position in on the earth,  A different & Amazing lifestyle of animals of earth and water. How can we say thanks to God to show this kind of beautiful natural things, Which we have also many benefits for us, As we get egg from hen and eat …

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