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Interesting Engineering with Polyurethane Grouting Machine

It’s just an idea for fast & Interesting Engineering on Polyurethane Grouting to recover inner holes of the road construction. Engineer knows that, Using this method, We can easily fill out any type of inner hole on damaged road, Which was not possible without polyurethanes Grouting Machine. It’s a usable technique for engineering on road construction, So you should update …

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Interesting Metro Bus System in Sydney Australia

Do you know; how to manage Transportation in Pakistan, As People don’t need to wait in traveling to become the signal green, As there’s an Interesting Metro Bus System in Sydney Australia, As they manage a lifter to lift the whole bus at the above road, Where metro can continue its traveling. We should learn these Traffic Tools & techniques, But we …

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HOBAS Jacking Process – Interesting Engineering on Sewage system

We’ve seen many engineering system in foreign countries, As you can see, HOBAS Jacking Process – Which’s very Interesting Engineering on Sewage system in Australia. Our government make many road every year using million of rupees, But after one year, We rebuild the same. Why we cannot make this types of durable constructions. Do you’ve a unique idea to finish our corrupt system …

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A Pakistani Mechanic Made AeroPlane with his Passion

You can see; A Pakistani Engineer has created a real AeroPlane as a passion for his personal flight in the air, Although he don’t have any support by Government of Pakistan. Actually, Every Pakistani has this type of talent, Some has completed their task in the past, But no body respect them for their achievements, So they dis-heart,  Beside of, Mostly …

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Cicret Bracelet Future Skin Touch Mobile Phone Technology

Can you believe this type of new Cicret Wearable Bracelet Future Skin Touch Mobile Phone Technology, Which developed by a Cicret Company of Paris, France. The company has a MOTO “MAKE YOUR SKIN YOUR NEW TOUCHSCREEN“, So Do you want to purchase this New Cell Phone Technology here; Using it, Now its possible for everyone to do, What he want …

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