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Robot Run Car Wipers in Australia – Ninja Style

I saw this Robot in Australia, Who Run Car Wipers with Ninja Style, Which is so amazing, Especially for ladies, Who want to have a dashing & Charming guy with their hot seat. Actually, People also want changes at their lives, That’s why some people do this types of things to extract others, Which sometimes make them so funny, But they cannot …

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German Boston Dynamics Company Created a Mulish Robot

German Boston Dynamics Company Create Mulish Robot, Who can do everything as a mule. The company claimed that, Its powerful than a real mule. It has made by real steel body, Where atmosphere cannot effect. No doubt, It’s performance is best with fast working, Beside of, You don’t need to eat him grass, As it runs with electric battery over …

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Everything is Moving on Days & Nights within Fast Life

Everything is Moving on Days & Nights, Which means nothing can remain permanently in the big world, We’ve to move on, Otherwise will dead eventually. It’s a real fact of our fast lives, So we should not waste our time and Just do your relevant job with understanding the purpose of your life. You know, There is very fast life …

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Is it Possible to Work WIFI Light with Hand Signals

We think, Is it Possible to Work WiFi Light with Hand Signals??? We see many impossible strategies in our life, After seeing them, We forget their importance, But its not mean, They are not useful, As many useful things are rare and some unnecessary things are very common. You can see; WIFI electricity will be common after some year even in …

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Chinese Talent during Engineering Work on Site

Engineering life make a man perfect and provide him a chance to gain many more, As you can see; Chinese Talent during Engineering Work on Site. There is no doubt’ Chinese workers are best in their fields over the whole world, As they work with establishment & unity power, Because “Unity is Strength“. Chinese are coming in Pakistan with these …

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