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Top 10 Countries Involve in Criminal Activities


There’re many countries involving in criminal activities but we’ve categorized them according to the top countries for prostitution, top 10 countries for target killing and top mafia involved in smuggling so you should avoid them or be care, If you want to travel there. Please have a look at the bellow list.

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How to Create Your Own Android IOS App

The technology has made our life easier. nowadays every mobile users love to give hand to hand Android and ios users. people love to download apps from play store on android and app store on ios. you people dont get irritated with the apps mostly if you love them you use theme most of the time and now in this …

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what happens when Hydrophobic Sand is Placed Underwater

This is a Best experiment, what happens when Hydrophobic Sand is Placed Underwater, As you can see it’ll became normal, When we inject it from water. Every safe chemistry experiment has a result, Which through scientists make more powerful technologies, But we should care about it that it must be useful for human. Please mention, If you’ve a plan to create a new technology, …

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World’s First Wi-Fi Fishing Float Waterproof Camera

You can see the World’s First Wi-Fi Fishing Float Waterproof Camera, Which have many extra features with waterproof security function. Before this, There are many cameras available in the world, Which have double and triple layers of lens, But you can see in this video a very simple water proof camera in a small case to capture everything even in …

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How to Cut of a Ring at Swallow Finger by Experienced Jeweler

A Small cute baby was in trouble, As ring was caught her small finger, So she went to doctor to get any suggestion, But cruel doctor said to cut off the finger. She was very sad, But a wise man said her to go to jeweler, She went him, Where she found very good and simple solution, As you can …

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